Air Conditioning Maintenance Service in Las Vegas, NV

When temperatures start to rise in Las Vegas, NV, you'll be grateful to have a working air conditioner. Ensure that your home or office stays cool this summer by enlisting the services of DMS HVAC & Refrigeration, LLC.

Our air conditioning maintenance service company will inspect your AC system and determine if any parts need repair or replacement. We'll also perform routine maintenance to help your system run more powerfully and efficiently. Contact us today for quality air conditioning maintenance service at a fair price.

Affordable Service You Can Rely On

Your AC system is composed of many parts that work together to provide cooling power. To keep each of these parts functioning, you need to schedule routine maintenance. During an air conditioning maintenance visit, we'll handle tasks like the following:

  • Air filter change
  • Evaporator replacement
  • Evaporator and condenser coil cleaning
  • Refrigerant leak test and repair
  • Electrical components checkup
  • Thermostat repair

If your AC system has reached the end of its life span (usually after about 15-20 years), we can also install a new one for you. Your new AC unit will be more energy-efficient and more powerful than the old unit.

Technicians Who Treat You Like Family

Whether you hire us for a simple, routine inspection or a total AC replacement, we'll take the time to show you we care. Our knowledgeable and skilled staff work quickly to address your cooling problems. We also strive to help you feel confident coming to us with any AC-related question or concern you have in the future. In short, we treat you like family.

Contact Us Today

When you need cooling solutions for a great price in Las Vegas, NV, you need DMS HVAC & Refrigeration, LLC. Get a free quote today on our air conditioning maintenance services by calling (702) 353-0257.